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Omega-3 Weekly Insights

For Omega-3 fish oil news and education as well as updates about Iceland Health, check out the Omega-3 Weekly Insights Blog below. We love to keep our loyal customers updated when it comes to the fish oil industry and natural health. Also make sure to check out our FAQ section and our customer testimonial section.

  • A One-Pan Holiday Dinner Feast Loaded with Nutrition

    Serving guests an elegant holiday meal needn’t be an all-day affair when you choose a recipe that calls for one large pan and three high-quality ingredients. Iceland Health likes this recipe from Valentina’s Corner because it features heart-healthy salmon, selenium-rich shrimp and high-fiber asp... Read More
  • Is Elevated Blood Sugar Causing Your Fatigue?

    Diabetes or even a pre-diabetic condition can wreak havoc with your energy levels. For instance, did you know that elevated blood sugar levels affect your circulation, slowing it down so that your cells are deprived of the oxygen and nutrients they need to stay energized and productive? Conversely, ... Read More
  • A Gourmet Dinner for Two in Twenty Minutes

    Salmon is showing up more frequently on dinner tables due to its far-reaching health benefits and versatility in preparation. This delectable recipe from Rasa Malaysia features a fresh garlic and parsley topping for a divine flavor and even more phytonutrient value.  Read More... Read More
  • What Have You Done for Your Heart Today?

    We talk a lot about heart health at Iceland Health. It’s just too important to your quality of life and longevity to ignore. We also firmly believe that prevention is the best medicine. That’s why our products and blog are devoted to helping you achieve your best health naturally no matter what ... Read More

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