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Joint Relief and Comfort

Omega-3's Provide Relief for Joint Discomfort and Improve Quality of Life*

A common theme that a majority of us suffer from on a daily basis is inflammation, which is a source of aches and pains. What many may not know is that our diets have a lot to do with inflammation. With our busy lifestyles, quick and easy to prepare food such as breads, grains, and even oil rich food like margarine and peanut butter are a major part of our daily diets.

These foods contain an over-abundance of Omega-6, which allows a pro-inflammatory shift to occur in our bodies. Omega-3 essential fatty acids for joint relief are required to balance these increased levels of Omega-6. Since our bodies do not make Omega-3s, a fish oil joint relief softgel supplement is the most effective way to get these life-essential fatty acids.

Iceland Health® is known for our Joint Relief Formula and we have trademarked a scientific formulation OmegaMOVETM which is a synergistic blend of four specialized nutrients that provide the building blocks needed to help support healthy cartilage and connective tissue.

Our customers rave about the dramatic difference our joint relief products make in their mobility and lives. We offer both an internal and external option for joint relief. Used in conjunction, you can finally stand up to joint pain.

Omega-3 fish oils like those in Joint Relief Formula and Joint Relief Cream are safe and natural alternatives to relieve joint discomfort.*

Many scientific studies support the significant role that Omega-3 fatty acids play in reducing inflammation, a common cause of joint discomfort.* This growing body of research links Omega-3 fatty acids to improved joint health and has found that Omega-3s*:

  • Reduce joint tenderness*
  • Reduce the amount of pain medicines needed*
  • Reduce morning stiffness*
  • Reduce enzymes that destroy cartilage*
  • Increase grip strength*
  • Increase mobility, joint comfort, and balance*

Contact Iceland Health or call our friendly customer service staff for help choosing an Iceland Health® Omega-3 formula at 1-800-835-1531.

Joint Relief Formula Softgels

Joint Relief Formula Softgels
  • 550mg of Omega-3
  • 850 mg Iceland collagen promotes joint comfort
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Joint Relief Cream

Joint Relief Cream
  • Increases flexibility & mobility*
  • Temporary relief of aches & discomfort*
  • Non-greasy
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Axial Rx

Axial Rx
  • Supports joint comfort & mobility
  • Fast acting & quicker absoption
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