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Heart Health

Omega-3s: Liquid Gold Your Cardiovascular System

Heart disease is now one of the leading causes of death globally. The World Health Organization estimates that one in three deaths in America will be caused by heart disease. New studies involving Omega-3s found that consuming additional Omega-3 fatty acids could possibly prevent a significant number of premature deaths.*

Because of these studies, doctors are now, more than ever, recommending Omega-3 supplements to their patients. What makes them so important is that they have been shown to improve every aspect of your body's well being, especially the heart.*

In fact, the American Heart Association recommends that adults with heart disease or high triglycerides take EPA and DHA daily. Most people think that their 1 gram of fish oil covers the minimal AHA recommendation. That is not the case. It is the EPA and DHA levels that count. You would have to take almost 6 to 8 soft gels of many store bought fish oil brands to reach the AHA daily recommendation levels.*

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our Omega-3 heart health supplements!

Omega Ultimate ShieldTM

Omega Ultimate Shield
  • New formulation offers our highest EPA/DHA Omega-3
  • 400mg EPA / 300mg DHA
  • One single softgel
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