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Chromax Plus

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Chromax Plus

  • Promotes Healthy Blood Sugar*
  • Helps Reduce Carb Cravings*
  • Helps Increase Energy*
  • Supports Cardiovascular Health*

Fast acting, long lasting Chromium Picolinate + Chromium Histidinate*

Chromax Plus™ from Iceland Health is one of the most comprehensive Chromium supplements on the market. In a single supplement, Chromax Plus™ delivers two varieties of Chromium – one of the 9 essential trace minerals.*

While we do ingest very, very small amounts of Chromium in our diets, this mineral is very difficult for your body to absorb – making Chromium supplementation key for some of us. That’s why Iceland Health’s Chromax Plus™ contains two different kinds of Chromium:*

Chromax Plus and Your Heart

Chromax Plus from Iceland Health can have cardiovascular benefits too. Along with a proper diet and healthy exercise, individuals who have insufficient Chromium uptake in their diets may promote cardiovascular health by taking the natural blood sugar control supplement Chromax Plus™ to encourage healthy LDL cholesterol levels.*

The Difference is Iceland Health

Iceland Health’s Chromax Plus is one of the only Chromium supplements to counteract the naturally difficult uptake process of bio-available chromium in our diets by supplying two different kinds of Chromium – C. Histdinate for speedy absorption after meals and C. Picolinate for long-lasting, comprehensive Chromium dosing.*

Choose Chromax Plus from Iceland Health – nutritional supplement innovations for a better life!

Nutrient Quick Facts

Chromium Picolinate

The most widely tested form of consumable Chromium, C. Picolinate dissolves quite slowly. This gives your body time to fully utilize this essential trace element.*

Chromium Histidinate

A much rarer form of Chromium, C. Histidinate dissolves fast, giving your body ready access to the essential Chromium mineral.*

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