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"Iceland Health has an array of wonderful health products. I've been taking their maximum strength omega 3 fish oil and their wholefood multivitamin. Their products are made with the purest quality standards and are effective on various health issues. Thank you."


Omega Ultimate Shield is the Best Omega-3 Product on the Market

Customer Harry Hattenbach has taken various Omega supplements and now sticks with Ultimate Shield and believes it's the best out there today. 

Customers Share the Benefits of Taking Iceland Health Omega-3 Supplements

Iceland Health customers share the benefits of our various Omega-3 supplements and the purity only Iceland Health delivers. 

Iceland Health Uses the Highest Quality Ingredients

Customer Donna Pare speaks about Iceland Health's high standards when it comes to ingredients.

I am 53 years young female who has had RA since Feb 2004. I may be disabled, but let me tell you, I have tried so many different omega 3 and fish oils from different companies and none can come close to Omega 3 from Iceland Health.

I get so much relief, for my both knees that are bone on bone. Omega 3 is like a blessing from god and there is no side effects. It's just the best product out there.

It makes you feel good and healthy. I love the Omega 3s from Iceland Health. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Iceland Health, keep up the good work, because a lot of us depend on you good people and your wonderful product :)


I have been taking Iceland Health’s joint relief soft gels for a year now and my joints have vastly improved. I have also been able to nearly eliminate aspirin and the other pain pills that I used to require regularly.


I play a lot of golf and tennis and my back really hurts. This joint relief cream rushes relief fast, lasts long and smells pretty good. I use it all the time, especially in winter.


My doctor instructed me to start taking fish oil, but I couldn't tolerate any of the standard OTC brands. Everything I tried had fishy aftertaste and made my stomach upset.

Finally, I tried Iceland Health's Omega Ultimate Shield, and I was thrilled that my previous fish-oil side effects disappeared. Both my triglycerides and cholesterol soon began to improve dramatically. I have since become a lifetime customer and will never use another fish oil brand.


It really allows me to share more of me with my family & friends!!! Aches....gone. Pain.....gone!!! I have re-kindled my enthusiasm for life!!! Thanks Iceland Health!!!!


When I started taking Iceland Health's Maximum Strength Omega-3, my cholesterol, triglycerides and weight dropped. Highly recommend!


I started taking Omega Ultimate Shield about 6 weeks ago. This is the first health supplement that I have taken where I can feel a noticable difference. After taking this pill for a few weeks, it has actually helped relieve the stiffness in my "frozen shoulder." I would highly recommend this product for anybody with similar ailments or suffers from stiffness or joint pain.


Best Selling Products

Omega Ultimate Shield

Omega Ultimate Shield

  • 1000mg highly concentrated fish-oil
  • 3x more EPA and DHA than most other brands
  • 770 Omega-3's per serving
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Joint Relief Formula

Joint Relief Formula

  • Increases flexibility and mobility*
  • Promotes joint comfort and elasticity*
  • Supports healthy joints*
$29.95 Shop Now
Advanced Memory Formula

Advanced Memory Formula

  • Supports brain health*
  • Promotes healthy memory function*
  • Supports mental focus and concentration*
$34.95 Shop Now
Omega Cardio Defense

Omega Cardio Defense

  • Contains plant sterols as featured on Dr. Oz
  • Promotes circulation*
  • Clinically studied ingredients to help lower bad cholesterol levels*
$34.95 Shop Now
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