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Our Guarantee

Iceland Health Guarantee: 100% Satisfaction

Every Iceland Health purchase you make includes complete peace-of-mind. While most supplement firms limit their refund policies to 30 days, we triple the standard industry refund policy: guaranteeing you a full year to ensure you are 100% satisfied.

Our Return Policy is Simple

  • Just mail back any unopened Iceland Health bottles or tubes within 1 year to receive your full refund, minus the shipping and handling costs. Your 1 year timeline begins on the day your products are actually delivered to you – not the date you ordered them. That assures you the full time period to decide.
  • If you have any questions about the Iceland Health guarantee, our team of friendly, knowledgeable supplement professionals are ready to assist you at 1-800-835-1531.

We Control Quality From Start to Finish – and Proudly Stand Behind It

Your Iceland Health buying guarantee is much stronger because our quality and standards are as well. Many companies sell fish oil supplements that they purchase from wholesalers or outside manufacturers. These companies don’t have the personal, hands-on involvement in ocean sourcing, DHA and EPA testing, product distillation and quality control that we do.

The Iceland Health 4-Step Total Control Process shows you our unusual passion for supplement purity and power. You’ll quickly see why Iceland Health supplements are your smartest choice!


Our Unique Processes Ensure Superior Quality Products

The source of our fish oil and Omega-3 products is vital, but we don’t stop there in our passionate pursuit for only the freshest, purest, and most potent fish oil possible. We’ve created a system of unique, highly efficient processes, all designed to preserve the quality and freshness of our products.

Our refinery, a GMP certified and pharmaceutical grade facility, moves the fish oil from the water and begins distillation as quickly as possible, preserving its freshness. Our focus on purity even affects how we process the fish oil. We developed a molecular distillation process to yield the highest concentrate EPA and DHA from the fish oil, and we remove any detectable traces of heavy metals or toxins. All that attention to detail explains why our fish oils are, without question, some of the purest, most pristine Omega 3 fish oils in the world.

Maximum Omega 3 Concentration with Convenient Dosing

Most Omega-3 supplements on the market today, if you read their product labels, don't even come close to containing the high levels of concentrated EPA and DHA found in our supplements. In fact, because our Omega's are so highly concentrated, we are able to fit an entire day's recommended amount of EPA/DHA into just one, single pure Omega-3 softgel with Omega Ultimate Shield™.

Freshness Starts With the Fish

Some people say we're 'fanatical' about purity, but we don't mind. We strive to continually provide our customers with the freshest, purest Omega-3 supplements possible. Our quest for purity starts all the way back at the source--our fish oil. We painstakingly seek out only the highest quality marine oil, which we derive only from certified sustainable, fresh, wild, deep-ocean fish. Once our local shore-side processors catch the fish from the water, we extract the oils within a couple of hours, ensuring the absolute freshest product.

Odorless, Tasteless Supplements

We apply a special, enteric coating to our Omega Ultimate Shield™ softgels during encapsulation. This prevents the softgels from releasing their contents until they have passed further down into the digestive system. This coating prevents the unpleasant, fishy aftertaste or burps that are associated with many other fish oil brands.

EPA & DHA – Essential Fatty Acids You Really Need

EPA and DHA are the two key, health-promoting essential fatty acids found in fish oil. As a consumer, you should be aware--the higher the # of milligrams of concentrated EPA and DHA essential acids in your Omega 3 fish oil--the better the benefit to your health.

If you have any additional questions about our pure Omega-3 fish oil supplements, feel free to check out our FAQ section or contact us.


The Iceland Health 4-Step Total Control Process

The Iceland Health 4-Step Total Control Process assures you the purest-possible, finest-quality EPA and DHA fish oil goodness, sourced and developed with all the respect our planet deserves.

Step 1: Purer Resources with Higher EPA and DHA

Iceland Health starts with the finest quality, sustainable, and unthreatened raw materials available: small wild anchovy. These fish are specially selected through our intensive quality assurance process: 100% of our wild caught anchovy is sourced from one of the Earth's coldest and most pristine waters.

  • Lower toxins - Since anchovy spend less overall time in the food chain, their body oils are naturally lower in environmental toxins such as mercury, PCBs and pesticides.
  • Higher EPA and DHA - Anchovy is known to have the highest levels of naturally occurring omega-3 EPA and DHA fatty acids. The higher the # of milligrams of concentrated EPA and DHA essential acids in your Omega 3 fish oil--the better the benefit to your health.

Step 2: World-Class Molecular distillation

Iceland Health is one of only a few fish oil supplement firms worldwide that owns its own leading-edge nitrogen (oxygen-free) molecular distillation plant. We purify on a molecular level to remove mercury, PCB's and other toxins; ensuring that all extracted Omega-3 fish oil is purified, properly concentrated and at optimum EPA and DHA therapeutic levels.

  • Nothing comes between the pristine sea and your softgels. Our molecularly-distilled fish oil transitions straight from distillation to encapsulation, then to you. We do not allow any middleman or third party companies to compromise the process.
  • Recognized by Friend of the Sea. We follow certified catching and marine conservation standards set by this globally respected organization and have been recognized for our distillation plant.

Step 3 – Fresher, More Potent Softgel Encapsulation

Most manufacturing companies ship their fish oil supplements across the globe to complete the softgel encapsulation process. That means your fish oil could be sitting in shipping containers for weeks…even months… depending on how far it has to travel across the ocean.

  • Distillation and encapsulation together. Since our encapsulation facility is located next door to our molecular distillation plant, the processing is virtually immediate.
  • Fresher and spoilage-free fish oil. This synergistic relationship between distillation and encapsulation assures you the most potent, easiest-swallowing, taste-free Omega-3 softgels.

Step 4: Twice the Quality Control and Inspection

Every Iceland Health Omega-3 product is visually inspected two times before it’s packaged. We also use recyclable bottles that are specially designed to block oxygen penetration.

  • Iceland Health facilities are FDA-Inspected Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs). GMP pharmaceutical grade standards require stringent, proactive steps to ensure product safety, purity and effectiveness.
  • Iceland Health products meet ISO9001 International Quality Standards. ISO is a globally-recognized measurement representing the highest standardization levels to ensure consistent quality.

Iceland Health Guarantee

Since we control quality start to finish –we can proudly stand behind it. See how our Iceland Health Guarantee offers you triple the buying peace of mind!

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